Danita Doleman

Managing Principal at SEAS Community Partners

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Danita C. Doleman of Washington, DC has over 20 years of business experience. Throughout her career, Ms. Doleman has helped numerous nonprofit organizations, commercial organizations, government agencies, and small business owners on their journey to implement computer technology in business practices and to create sound business strategies that result in streamlined operations and greater profit.

Danita Doleman is currently the Managing Principal of SEAS Community Partners, LLC, a consulting management firm that focuses on providing business solutions using mobile and web technologies, along with tactical grant and proposal writing to help companies obtain critical business funding and new contracts.

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Ms. Doleman knows that business success isn't happenstance. As a matter of fact, she has seen numerous small to medium-sized businesses flounder due to poor internal management or mismanagement of clients or projects.

Her present role within SEAS Community Partners allows Danita Doleman the opportunity to guide executive and management-level entities in different market sectors to advance their business strategies and implement project planning with the goal of delivering quality results to meet the expectations of stakeholders or clients.

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