About Me

She has worked with many industry partners from the public sector and nonprofit organizations, along with construction, real estate, technology, retail, and small to large business enterprises.

It is Danita Doleman's background in both computer technology and business management that has given her the capacity to help businesses and organizations use emerging technologies and sound business practices to move forward into new territories, services, contracts, or product lines.

Ms. Doleman graduated from Howard University, a historically black private university, with a degree from the School of Business in Computer-Based Information Systems. Her education trained her to use computers and information systems to advance the business concerns of companies and organizations.

She is able to analyze computer technology deficiencies in businesses, recommend upgraded IT business applications, and help companies use their IT assets to the benefit of their bottom line profits by engaging in more efficient and more effective business practices.

Danita Doleman believes that continuing education is necessary for any business person to stay abreast of new technologies and emerging business practices. She has completed additional coursework in grant writing, project management, and various technologies.

As a result of Danita Doleman's higher education, her training in computer systems, her hands-on experience, along with her extensive networking, she has helped over 200 businesses grow, market, plan and execute business operations by using computer business technology.

Ms. Doleman applies her knowledge of multiple business strategies to help businesses and organizations streamline and grow. For example, she has assisted non-profit organizations to increase the services they offer and to grow their staff by applying her grant writing skills to weave a clear and compelling narrative that supports the organization's mission and values.


She has helped numerous small business owners increase their marketing strategies by leveraging the power of technology and business automation. These emerging business practices will use computer applications and platforms to reduce manual and repetitive tasks, which will free up employees for higher-value work. Other professional accomplishments include Program Director for YouthSpire Enrichment Program and President and CEO of Camille Consulting Group. This latter entrepreneurial endeavor early in her career offered Ms. Doleman the opportunity to not only grow her own business savvy, but to also help other women and minorities succeed in their own business ventures. As a Howard University alumni, Danita C. Doleman remains actively supportive of the prestigious university and HBCU's in general. Her access to this powerful network of alumni offers her the opportunity to mentor the current and next generation of IT and business professionals. Ms. Doleman knows that African-Americans face a higher population of individuals with diabetes, obesity, and/or high blood pressure. She has developed health and wellness program for adolecents. She has partner with a national organization to pilot a program using visualization and wearable technologies for a multiplatform tool. These include exercises and nutrition that support good heart health along with a lifestyle and diet that will improve life longevity and medical outcomes.